Transport User Voice April 2024 – Helping passengers

28 March 2024

Delay repay and incorrect penalty fare

Delay repay

After her train was delayed, Mrs H contacted Trainline to claim compensation. However, her request was declined as she did not have the original tickets.

Mrs H reached out to Transport Focus for help.

Originally Trainline did not prompt her to contact the train operator. So, our caseworker worked with Trainline to obtain copies of the ticket and, at the same time, engaged with the train company to obtain compensation for the delay.

We were able to get the full refund for Mrs H, who said: “Thank you for your assistance with this complaint.”

You can find more information on your rights to a refund or compensation here.

Incorrect penalty fare

Ms C was unable to collect her tickets at Redcar station for her journey to London Gatwick and was therefore issued with a Penalty Fare Notice.

When issuing penalties, it is important that train companies ensure passengers are treated fairly and use discretion when it is an innocent mistake.

Mrs C approached Transport Focus for help, and we decided the penalty was issued unfairly as a passenger should not be charged twice for a journey.

We contacted the train company and requested a refund on behalf of Mrs C, to which they agreed.

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