Transport User Voice – August 2018 – How to arrive at fairer rail fares?

31 July 2018

Transport Focus has long called for a thorough reform of Britain’s complex rail fares and ticketing structure. Passengers tell us they want to see a simpler, more understandable and trustworthy system – much more progress than was made under the Fares and Ticketing Action Plan.

Our work on, among other things, rail passenger priorities for improvementtrust and attracting infrequent and non-users to rail, shows that helping passengers access better value for money and more flexible fares plays a key part in passengers’ relationship with the railway – something battered by the recent timetable crisis.

Working in partnership with the Rail Delivery Group we launched the Easier Fares consultation earlier this spring. This invites passenger views on what a fairer system might look like.

Any reform and its implementation might well affect some passengers more than others, so we are keen to ensure the overall passenger voice is heard in this important discussion so that any proposed options for change clearly identify both ‘winners and losers’.

If you also want to see fundamental reform that make fares fit for the future and a smart ticketing system that supports the way we now travel and pay for doing so, then please participate. There is still time to respond before the consultation closes on 10 September.

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