Transport User Voice – January 2020 – On the blog

20 December 2019

Round-up of the month  

Anthony has been blogging about the election aftermath, buses in Basingstoke, and who pays when the railway lets people down. 

Following the general election we now know who is in power and what this means for transport.

Anthony said: “It is crucial the user voice is heard in these large–scale changes and we will be doing just that. Meanwhile, users are looking forward to more reliable transport networks now – we cannot wait for strategies or plans even though they make the most long–term difference.” Read more.

In a move which will get more non-users on buses Stagecoach in Basingstoke is now running greener and more frequent buses.    

Anthony said: “I think passengers will be more interested to hear that on many key routes buses will run more frequently and later in the evening.” Read more 

As part of our Make Delay Pay campaign Anthony gave an overview as to who actually pays for compensation. He said: “Rebuilding passengers’ trust isn’t only about more passengers getting some of their fare back in their own pocket, but also giving them confidence the railway is really serious about reducing delays and can’t profit when problems occur.” Read more 

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