Transport User Voice – January 2023 – Paying to use roads

20 December 2022

Dartford Crossing survey

What do users think about additional charges to use roads?

A new pilot survey in early 2023 will be asking drivers this and more about their experience of using the Dartford Crossing.

Measuring what drivers and users think where there is a specific, additional charge to use a road is a key part of Transport Focus’s 2022/23 workplan. We’re starting with the Dartford Crossing, managed by National Highways and links the Kent and Essex sections of the M25. The pilot will measure satisfaction with the two payment mechanisms- the ‘Dart Charge’ account and those that pay as they go.

Following the pilot, we will assess the results and methods with the hope of conducting the survey on a regular basis. The results will also help us to understand how we can use this type of survey with users on other roads where there is a charge. Look out for the pilot survey findings on our website and in Transport User Voice in 2023.


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