Workplan 2022-23

08 April 2022

Here is Transport Focus’s workplan for 2022-23.

We aim to make a difference by making transport better for those who use it and those who could possibly use it.

The challenges facing the transport world in 2022-23 are significant, requiring long-term changes with ambitious policies to help deliver that change.

During 2021-22, decarbonisation of transport became the biggest long-term challenge. Also, major reforms to rail in Great Britain and bus in England will roll out during 2022-23. Our role is to ensure that the user view is at the heart of these changes.

We reflect back transport user attitudes and experiences to decisionmakers and providers of transport so they can better meet users’ needs.

Transport Focus has identified these opportunities in the coming year:

  • contributing the user view on changes arising from, in particular, the Transport Decarbonisation Plan and similar initiatives in Scotland and Wales, the creation of Great British Railways, the National Bus Strategy in England and developments in electric vehicle (EV) charging
  • leading the debate about climate-related behaviour change in transport
  • continuing to develop cutting-edge, rapid, cost-effective insight that is representative of transport users, providing speedy feedback.

The workplan is provided as an accessible PDF or a Word document for those who need to adjust text size/colour.

Transport Focus workplan_WEB Final
Transport Focus workplan_WEB Final WORD
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