Transport User Voice – July 2022 – Sort My Sign

29 June 2022

Where we are now

It can be frustrating when you miss a turning because a road sign was missing information or hidden by overgrown trees.  

In February 2022 National Highways wrote to Transport Focus setting out its commitments to improve signs on England’s motorways and major ‘A’ roads. These commitments included:

  • increased focus on vegetation obscuring signs
  • improving response time to resolving defects identified by road users
  • developing an internal customer focus campaign with the aim of picking up basic repairs needed on the network.

Since then, Transport Focus has continued to engage with National Highways on the subject and has recently asked it to focus further on two areas: 

  1. making sure signs that have disappeared from National Highways’ roads over the years get replaced, assuming they are still needed
  2. monitoring whether signs are being cleaned to the frequency set out in National Highways’ standards.

You can read Transport Focus and National Highways’ letters here. 


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