Transport User Voice – May 2018 – Tomorrow’s rail passengers

26 April 2018

Despite a record 1.7bn rail journeys made last year passenger numbers are starting to slow.

People with disabilities, younger passengers, frequent car users, older and retired are all more likely to use alternative forms of transport to rail such as the car. Why is this?

In our latest report Tomorrow’s passengers: understanding how to make rail travel more attractive to infrequent and non-users, we look to understand non-passenger opinions and feelings towards rail.

Similar to existing passengers, improvements they highlighted included:

  • value for money
  • more trains arriving on time
  • less-frequent unplanned disruptions
  • fewer trains cancelled.

Communicating improvements made to the service to non-users will be key as, unlike current rail passengers, they are less likely to experience the benefits directly and therefore be aware that their concerns have been addressed.

Transport Focus will share this research with governments and industry to help open up rail as an option to even more people.

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