Transport User Voice – September 2018 – High visibility markings and solar road studs

29 August 2018

Improving the road user experience on the A38, near Derby

Transport Focus’ research into road users’ priorities for improvements to England’s motorways and major ‘A’ roads was published in 2015. This found that road surface quality was the single highest priority for improvement across car, van, motorcycle and lorry drivers.

As part of our regional engagement with Highways England in the Midlands, we have been encouraging them to focus on aspects that are important to road users – and drawing their attention to our more detailed investigation Road Surface Quality – what road users want from Highways England which was published in 2017. Two recommendations call for clear, bold road markings and bright, reflective road studs.

The A38 near Derby is one of the key routes from Birmingham to Yorkshire. One section has recently seen an upgrade with an investment of £8.5 million. These works include the installation of a new type of solar road stud and high visibility lane markings that will make it easier for road users to see them at night or in bad weather and help make for safer journeys.

During the day the solar powered road studs charge a small internal battery and generate their own bright light via an LED at night. These new solar powered studs are more durable than standard studs (lasting up to five years) and require less maintenance throughout their lifetime. This will therefore reduce the amount of roadworks and related disruption for road users.

It’s fantastic to see our research and recommendations applied to this roadworks scheme and the benefits it will bring to road users.

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