Transport User Voice – November 2018 – Driving solutions for a healthier bus market outside London

29 October 2018

Presenting to parliamentarians the most robust evidence we have for passengers

On 29 October, Linda McCord, senior stakeholder manager, gave oral evidence on behalf of bus passengers to the House of Commons Transport Committee, as part of its inquiry into the health of the bus market in England (outside London).

The Committee had previously requested written evidence on:

  • the effectiveness and ambition of the Department for Transport’s policies on buses
  • factors affecting bus use, including the reliability of the bus service, congestion and the ways bus companies are dealing with congestion, and the effectiveness of bus priority measures
  • the provision of services to isolated communities in rural and urban areas, and the reliance of particular communities and groups of people on bus services
  • the viability and long-term sustainability of bus services, including the effectiveness of funding, fare structures and public grants;
  • regulations affecting the provision of bus services and the adequacy of guidance to operators and local authorities.

The Transport Focus written evidence sets out a compelling case for passengers based on their current experience of bus services. It details a set of priorities with how they want to see services improve and it tells the story of the impacts that many see with ongoing reductions to local authority support for bus services.

Looking to the future, we also set out what young people, aged 14-19, think about current bus services and how the industry can remove barriers to offer them a better service.

As Transport Focus passenger director David Sidebottom says: “Any review of the factors affecting bus use will need to consider potential changes to the way that people travel. Our research with passengers will provide a significant evidence base with which to inform policy and the work bus operators pursue to achieve sustainable and affordable services for users.”

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