Watchdog helps improve Covid travel information for passengers

26 March 2021

Transport Focus has been working with rail operators to improve online passenger information.

As the pandemic continues it is important that operators provide up-to-date and accurate information to reassure those still travelling or planning journeys.

Transport Focus’s latest report out today looks at the clarity of information on face coverings, refund rules and other Covid safety measures.

Informing passengers of the measures put in place to keep them safe is vital for restoring confidence in using transport again as restrictions begin to ease. Some passengers may not have travelled for a year.

Information has improved since our previous assessment. However, there are still some common issues with the quality of information. Some operators could do more to make it clear that passenger assist is still available and detail how the service has changed. The report also outlines how operators can improve information on crowding information to enable passengers to avoid busy services, the availability of staff and rules regarding refunds.

The assessment is a snapshot of the information available in February 2021. We published a previous review in June and another for the Department for Transport in September 2020. We have now shared our findings with operators and several improvements have been made for passengers as a result of our feedback.

We’ve raised the outstanding issues with the Department for Transport and will continue to work with operators to ensure information is accurate for passengers.

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