30 January – 5 February 2024 rail strikes: pre-strike intentions and information survey

26 January 2024

Between 22 and 23 January we asked a representative sample of 2000 people across Britain how the upcoming strikes would affect their travel plans.

In our latest survey only half of people who planned to travel by train on strike days understood that affected train companies would provide no trains, or a significantly reduced service on some major routes.

The survey also looks at awareness levels, ratings of information provided about which train services would run and ratings of information about ticket changes/refunds.

  • Six in ten among those who planned to use trains on any strike day were aware of the strikes.
  • The majority of those that had planned to travel on strike days say they will no longer do so, less than two in 10 still plan to use the train on a day when the train company is affected by strike action.
  • Just over half of those who planned to travel (and are aware of the strikes) rated information about which train services were running as good. Half rated information about refunds and ticket changes as good.
30 January - 5 February 2024 rail strikes - pre-strike intentions _and information survey
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