Barriers to bus use in the West Midlands

17 August 2021

In February 2020 Transport Focus carried out research into barriers to bus use in the West Midland with National Express West Midlands and Transport for West Midlands.

The aim was to understand what drives the decision-making process in choosing a mode of transport for a particular journey, and the roles that information, value for money and punctual services play in that decision.

We wanted to know what the barriers were to using buses and the factors that could potentially encourage those driving in the area to consider and take up buses as an option.

Fieldwork was carried out in January – February 2020, so while respondents felt the way they did at that point, please note that their behaviours and attitudes may have changed since then, due to the change in restrictions, and other Covid related developments.

Barriers to bus use in the West Midlands_
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