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Caledonian Sleeper: understanding passengers’ expectations and experiences

08 September 2017

Transport Focus has undertaken research on behalf of Caledonian Sleeper to understand the expectations and experiences of both users and non-users of the Caledonian Sleeper.  The research covered passengers travelling for business and leisure, both seated and in berths, both from and to Scotland, and on both the Lowlander and the Highlander routes.

The research has helped Caledonian Sleeper develop its understanding of its existing passengers and potential users. It is also being used to guide the design of a new guest satisfaction monitor which is to be implemented in advance of the introduction of new rolling stock in 2018.  The new monitor will replace the bespoke version of the National Rail Passenger Survey that we have run for Caledonian Sleeper and is designed to be more appropriate to the hotel guest experience offered by the Sleeper.

Caledonian Sleeper: understanding passengers’ expectations and experiences - September 2017
Caledonian Sleeper - qualitative study - September 2017
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