Disruption caused by train safety checks – correspondence with the Rail Delivery Group

10 May 2021

Transport Focus chief executive Anthony Smith wrote to the Rail Delivery Group on 10 May regarding the disruption caused by withdrawal of Hitachi trains used by a number of train companies. His key points are that train companies affected should focus on:

  1. clarity of information about what is and isn’t running
  2. clarity of information about refunds
  3. managing crowding and being honest that social distancing may not be possible.

The letter,  the Rail Delivery Group’s reply and and Transport Focus’s further correspondence about passenger information can be found below.

Letter to RDG regarding Hitachi safety checks - 10 May 2021
Rail Delivery Group response - 20 May 2021
Transport Focus response to RDG - 28 May 2021
Rail Delivery Group response - 3 June 2021
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