Measuring passenger experience – emotional tracking ‘in the moment’

11 April 2016

As the independent watchdog, Transport Focus has represented passenger views using satisfaction ratings for various core elements of transport services. Now, building on our work on whether passengers trust their transport providers, we are able to monitor how journeys are impacting on passengers in more detail.

Our report Passengers’ relationship with the rail industry confirmed that performance is what really matters – a good service is the cornerstone to building and maintaining trust. We are also very aware that poor information is a key driver of dissatisfaction. However, this research also showed emotions are key to establishing a trusting relationship with passengers,

That’s why we set up an app to take ‘in the moment’ emotional reactions and turn them into data, that is then used to drive real change on the ground. Researchers recruit passengers as they make journeys to make sure that there is a representative sample of total travellers taking part.

This report gives an overview of the emotional tracker methodology. To find out more about this project, or to discuss working together with Transport Focus, please contact our Head of Insight, Ian Wright, on 0300 123 0832 or

Emotional tracking April 2016
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