Face-to-face recruitment

24 June 2022

After trialling recruiting passengers for surveys without face-to-face interaction such as online and through postal push to web we found limitations for our purposes. Therefore as public transport use began to resume in 2021 we looked at recruiting bus and rail passengers for face-to-face surveys. We wanted to:  

  • understand the (renewed) potential for intercepting passengers face-to-face and in the moment of making a journey and to invite their feedback​ 
  • explore the potential for encouraging most respondents to take part online, for the time, cost and flexibility (as well as likely environmental) benefits this would bring, if successful ​ 
  • in addition, we wanted to run a number of other experiments on variations to the way we recruit and seek feedback from passengers.   

The reports below provide details on how the survey was carried out, the responses we received and what we learnt from the trial. 

Face-to-face multi-method trial for gathering bus and rail passenger satisfaction
Exploring multi-method approach - bus report
Exploring multi-method approach - train report
Exploring multi-method approach
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