Flexi season ticket survey

03 November 2021

What do rail commuters think about the new flexi season ticket introduced in June 2021? To find out we surveyed rail commuters on our Transport User Panel.

In September 2021 we published Future rail commuting survey Autumn/Winter 2021 detailing  findings from a survey on commuting frequency. This confirmed that commuters that can work from home still expect to commute much less frequently in the remainder of 2021 than they did before the Covid-19 pandemic.

This new report concerns the views of these commuters – whose work does not require them to physically attend their workplace all the time – on the new flexi season ticket.

We wanted to gain an early understanding of how this ticket is being received by commuters and if it is attractive to those planning to commute less frequently. We also tested a number of potential improvements to the ticket to see what might make it more suitable for the way they expect to travel in future.

This report sets out our findings.

Flexi season ticket survey
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