Marston Vale services

06 April 2023

Rail services on the Marston Vale line have been suspended since December 2022, with a rail replacement bus service in operation since then.

Transport Focus has been working with all parties (London Northwestern, passengers and user groups) to encourage them to:

  • fully exhaust all safe and sustainable options
  • ensure rail replacement services meet the needs of users as far as they reasonably and practically can as an interim measure
  • work with all parties, but primarily passengers, to push for the restoration of rail.

On 3 April we wrote to London Northwestern calling for these services to be reinstated with urgency, and for a number of measures to be considered and implemented as soon as possible.

For passengers, it is essential this is expedited to see a safe, sustainable and resilient service restored, one that will allow passengers to have confidence for the future. You can read our letter below.

TF Follow Up Letter re Marston Vale 0304
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