Rail delays and compensation

01 October 2018

The Department for Transport commissioned Transport Focus to carry out research to update the findings of a 2016 study that assessed the propensity of passengers to claim compensation when they are delayed. In addition, the research explored: passengers’ awareness of their eligibility to claim compensation; the experiences of rail passengers when claiming for compensation; and the reasons why passengers choose not to claim for compensation when they are delayed.

The number of passengers claiming compensation for their last eligible journey that was delayed for 30 minutes or more has increased to 39 per cent, up 4 per cent.  However, the 2018 findings show that passengers are less likely to claim for a delay that is eligible for compensation under Delay Repay 15 than they are for Delay Repay 30. Only 18 per cent of passengers claimed for their most recent delay that was eligible for compensation under Delay Repay 15.

The summary report can be found on the Department for Transport website.

The research agency report can be found below.

Rail delays and compensation
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