Workplan 2020 – 21

02 October 2020

Transport Focus’s 2020 – 21 workplan sets out our key campaign and work objectives plus financial forecasts for the year.

Transport and the way people think about making journeys has changed beyond recognition in recent months. Through the crisis, Transport Focus has made a considerable difference for transport users:

  • we secured rail refunds and better information for passengers
  • we’ve set up a weekly multi-modal omnibus survey of attitudes and experiences to travel, which enabled us to press for improvements and ensure the needs of transport users are paramount in the delivery of services
  • our new online rail, bus and road user ‘communities’ give us an unparalleled opportunity to understand user attitudes and needs within the broader context of Covid-19.

This workplan sets out how we will:

  • identify, and help implement, what is required to build confidence among users and potential users, to support a strong return to public transport
  • advocate for the consumer by protecting the public transport user and road user interests and defending them against unwelcome changes
  • ensure the user voice – and that of the lapsed and potential future user – is central as transport is built back.
Workplan October 2020-March 2021
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