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‘Informed traveller’ correspondence

For passengers to plan rail journeys, let alone buy tickets, they need to know what is running when. In short, they need a timetable they can rely on. Train companies are required to publish an accurate timetable 12 weeks in advance. That is not currently happening on many routes with the risk that passengers plan on the basis of incorrect information. The consequence is uncertainty and can be higher fares and trains becoming buses at the last minute.

Transport Focus chief executive Anthony Smith has raised strong concerns about the rail industry’s current failure to achieve what is known as Informed Traveller, T-12 (that is, having the timetable correct 12 weeks in advance).

Click the links below to download:

  • letter from Transport Focus to Network Rail and Rail Delivery Group, 10 July 2020
  • reply from Rail Delivery Group (on its and Network Rail’s behalf), 31 July 2020
  • subsequent letter from Transport Focus to Rail Delivery Group, 4 September 2020.


  • TF to System Operator and RDG informed traveller July 2020
  • RDG and NR Informed Traveller response final July 2020
  • TF to RDG informed traveller Sept 2020
  • RDG and NR informed traveller response Sept 2020
  • Train
  • Passenger information

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