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Motorway Services User Survey 2020

Transport Focus carried out a large-scale survey on the experience of visitors to all 112 of England’s motorway service areas.

In the survey Transport Focus spoke to customers to measure satisfaction among different types of visitor, identify which aspects of the visitor experience most influence overall satisfaction and explored the effect that visiting an motorway service has on the road user’s mood.

Note on research findings
Interviewing was cut short by Covid-19 at which point 9808 interviews had been completed. We were unable to complete the intended number and spread of interview shifts. Consequently, results at individual services are not sufficiently comparable on a like-for-like basis. Results for this year’s survey are therefore reported at sector, operator and visitor-type level only. These factors should be kept in mind when comparing results to previous years.

  • Motorway Services User Survey 2020
  • Motorway Service User Survey 2020 - research agency report
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