Why not catch a train?

19 April 2018

Despite a record 1.7 billion journeys made by rail in the last year, passenger numbers are beginning to slow… why is this?

Previously we’ve looked at Rail passengers’ priorities for improvement and yesterday we followed this up with Tomorrow’s passengers: understanding how to make rail travel more attractive to infrequent and non-users.

Just like regular rail passengers, infrequent and non-rail users said they had concerns about value, reliability and cancellations and disruption.

In some instances, rail travel was cheaper than people’s regular form of transport, but they weren’t aware – this can’t be right!

We have long said that industry needs to do more to tackle complex and confusing fares and this proves our point.

Our next step will be to share this research with governments and industry so that rail travel can become an option for even more people.

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