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On 21 June 2021 a new type of ticket became available, for use from 28 June. Read our comment here.

A Flexi Season ticket offers eight days of travel in 28 days between two stations at any time of day. You don’t need to decide which days you will travel on in advance – you can use them however you want in that 28-day period, it doesn’t have to be a regular amount each week. But it is important to use them all (or to apply for a refund) within the 28 days – any unused days do not roll forward. If you use them all there is nothing to stop you buying another flexi season – you do not have to wait until the original 28-day period ends.

This is a new ticket type, an alternative to buying a separate ticket for every day you travel or a traditional season ticket which provides unlimited travel for a week, month or up to a year.

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