Transport User Voice – December 2022 – Improving lorry driver rest stops

29 November 2022

Our event in January

Lorry drivers are vital to our economy. But it has been clear for some time now that the facilities they need to rest and recuperate are not up always to scratch.

A £32.5 million scheme for Government to match-fund investment in improvements to facilities was recently launched. This is on top of £20 million being invested through National Highways. Both are very welcome. It is great to see this focus on improving things for lorry drivers.

Our research indicates improvements drivers will value most relate to security, management of parking, quality/choice of food and a welcoming atmosphere. You can take a look at the results of our pilot survey here.

We want to get discussion going about the issues experienced by lorry drivers, along with potential solutions. So, working with Logistics UK, Snap and Certas Energy we’ll be bringing together a group of key stakeholders at an event at Hollies truck stop in Cannock on Thursday 26 January 2023.

We hope to have contributions from lorry drivers themselves, the Department for Transport, the roadside facilities sector and businesses operating lorries. We will present our insight, hear from leading stakeholders and instigate conversations about making best use of the investment.

We’ll also give an update on the rollout of our new survey to measure lorry drivers’ experiences when they use roadside facilities. It will provide a proper, ongoing focus on the things that will improve lorry drivers’ lives and help the recruitment and retention challenge.

More details soon – keep an eye on our website.


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