Lorry drivers’ and roadside facilities: the user experience

10 August 2022

Transport Focus is building a new survey to measure the experience of lorry drivers when they are using roadside facilities on England’s motorways and major ‘A’ roads. Earlier this year we tested different, complementary approaches to capturing feedback from lorry drivers at a range of roadside facilities. 

By benchmarking experience site to site, and between different types of facility and providers, we will help drive up standards both in the short and longer term. 

Take a look at the report below which summarises the testing we have undertaken and the insight we have gathered while doing so.  

More detail can be found in the accompanying agency slide decks – one on the survey results and the other on how the research was carried out. There is also a report that covers the initial exploratory research that was conducted by a freelance researcher to help with the design of the approaches we tested. 

Lorry drivers and roadside facilities - the user experience summary report
Lorry drivers’ facilities survey pilot – agency results report
Lorry drivers’ facilities survey pilot – agency technical report
Lorry drivers’ facilities survey – exploratory research report
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