Transport User Voice – February 2017 – Southern Rail disruption: enough is enough

30 January 2017

In our latest survey just 30 per cent of Southern passengers travelling during peak times said their journey had been punctual.

Speaking to passengers in our National Rail Passenger Survey one in eight said the train operator had dealt well with delays. This year we looked into the results for peak and non-peak passengers travelling into London. Our analysis shows that satisfaction has dropped dramatically for passengers travelling into London during peak hours.

Transport Focus is continuing to work with Southern to improve passenger information during disruption, concentrating on better provision of useful information before passengers arrive at their departure train station.

Click here to explore our analysis of peak and non-peak passengers in London and the South East.

Southern strikes: enough is enough

In our poll of Southern passengers during the strikes before Christmas eight in 10 told us they had been disrupted.

The research lays bare the effect of the industrial action on Southern passengers’ lives. They have faced months of lost time, money, more driving and deep frustration at not being able to rely on the trains.

One Southern passenger responding to the survey said:

“I don’t care anymore who is in the wrong or right – commuters are the ones being punished.”

Another passenger said:

“These strikes have been going on for over six months, and it’s just frustrating that there has been no solution in all of that time. I don’t understand how it has been allowed to continue on for this long at great disruption to the passengers.”

Hopefully the latest talks with the unions will bring this long-running dispute to an end.

Click here to read our Southern Rail industrial action Transport User Panel survey.

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