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27 February 2020

Round-up of the month

Anthony has been blogging about the launch of our road information campaign Sort My Sign, poor bus services in Bristol and the latest on Make Delay Pay.

How many times have you missed your turnoff because a sign was hidden behind a tree or had missing information? Our Sort My Sign campaign aims to get users reporting broken or hidden signs along Highways England’s roads:

Anthony said “We know the impact inaccurate information can have on journeys. These signs reduce road safety by giving unclear information. As part of our new campaign, Sort My Sign, we’ve tasked Highways England to fix them.” Read more.

Bus passengers in Bristol are still suffering poor services despite our pleas a year ago to authorities. Anthony looks at the severity of negative press on this issue:

He said: “Passengers are frustrated – the West of England scored poorly in last year’s Bus Passenger Survey and yet we continue to see the same headlines a year later. Passengers want reliable bus services they can trust to travel around this region. Negative headlines reinforce the idea for non-users that bus is not an option.” Read more.

We’re working get everyone claiming the compensation they deserve and for train companies to make the process easier through our Make Delay Pay research:

Anthony said: “As part of our Make Delay Pay campaign to improve take-up of passenger compensation, we published new research on passengers’ awareness of compensation. We looked at train operator websites and found lots of them still have long, complex claims processes.” Read more and take a look at our ad too.

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