Transport User Voice – November 2021 – What different road users want

29 October 2021

Try out our new simulator

Does a 60-year-old man driving his car in the North East have the same priorities as a 25-year-old woman driving a car on the M25? What if one of these drivers had a disability? Or if one was using a motorbike instead?

Earlier in the year, we carried out research to see what improvements road users wanted to see on the motorways and major ‘A’ roads of England. That is, the strategic road network (SRN) managed by National Highways.

That research, road users’ priorities for improvement, revealed their main desires overall to be better road surface quality and for potholes to be fixed.

Now we have developed a ‘simulator’ that lets you filter priorities for improvement by individual factors such as gender, age, vehicle, or region among others.

You can access the simulator here.

Please note that when the spreadsheet opens you will need to enable macros. Also, note that if the filters you apply give results based on 50 people or fewer you will be reminded to treat the results with caution.

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