Check how road user priorities for improvement vary by type of user and journey

28 September 2021

In March 2021 Transport Focus conducted research to understand the priorities for improvement to the motorways and major ‘A’ roads in England.  That is, the strategic road network (SRN) managed by National Highways (formerly Highways England) on behalf of the Government.

We’ve created a simple way to see how the priorities for improvement vary by different types of road user, different vehicles used and different journey lengths by applying filters.  It’s called a ‘simulator’.

The results automatically update as you apply filters.  Please note that when the spreadsheet opens you will need to enable macros.  Also, note that if the filters you apply give results based on 50 people or fewer you will be reminded to treat the results with caution.

You can access the simulator below.

Road User Priorities 2021 Simulator
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