Announcements on trains – the passenger view

26 November 2021

Transport Focus carried out research to inform decisions about improving information for train passengers. This small-scale qualitative study, using our Transport User Panel, asked about experiences of on-train announcements.

Specifically, we wanted to know:

  • how helpful/unhelpful on-train announcements are
  • the extent to which passengers pay attention to the announcements
  • whether there is anything annoying about on-train announcements
  • which announcements are felt to be less important or unnecessary, if any.

The general view was that on-train announcements are fit for purpose. Almost everyone could see that they serve a useful purpose for at least some of the travelling public.

Live announcements from the driver or train manager/guard are often more problematic than automated ones, with people reporting poor sound quality or there not being enough warning to pay attention.

Download the full report below (word version also available for those who may need to adjust font sizes/colours).

Announcements on trains the passenger view Nov 2021
Announcements on trains Nov 2021 WORD version
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