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Passenger Representation on Bus Service Improvement Plans

07 June 2021

Transport Focus has produced the first in a series of guides and toolkits to support Local Transport Authorities (LTAs) develop their Bus Service Improvement Plans (BSIPs).

Our best practice toolkit on Passenger Representation on Bus Service Improvement Plans explains how to:

  • decide who LTAs need to hear from
  • make full use of the information LTAs already have available
  • consider commissioning passenger research, such as focus groups, to quickly plug the gaps in LTA data
  • engage directly with passengers, community groups and local elected representatives
  • think carefully about who is best placed to clearly and powerfully represent the passenger interest on boards or committees.

Unless they go down the franchising route, LTAs will have to consult on an Enhanced Partnership. Therefore establishing a sound foundation at this stage will reap dividends later.

Our next best practice guide will focus on things to consider when setting targets for journey times, reliability improvements and customer satisfaction and on monitoring and reporting on performance against them. That will be followed by a best practice guide on developing a Passenger Charter.

We remain keen to talk to LTAs about how Transport Focus can support developing plans. Please contact Mike Bartram (bus policy advisor) at

Passenger Representation on Bus Service Improvement Plans
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