Bus Passenger Survey

15 March 2018

Transport Focus carries out a yearly Bus Passenger Survey (BPS) to compare and benchmark what passengers think about their bus service. This is one of several pieces of bus passenger research that we carry out throughout the year.

We spoke to almost 48,000 passengers in England, Wales and Scotland this year to produce a picture of satisfaction with bus travel. The BPS measured passengers’ satisfaction with their local bus service for a wide range of aspects including the bus stop, waiting for the bus, on the bus, the outside of the bus and the bus driver as well as their overall satisfaction with that bus journey and their rating of value for money.

Below you can download:

  • Summary report (England, Wales and Scotland)
  • Summary report for Wales (English-language)
  • Summary report for Wales (Welsh-language)
  • Full report
  • Slides from the launch event on 15 March 2018.
BPS Summary Report Report Mar 2018
BPS Wales Summary Report in English Mar 2018
BPS Wales Summary Report in Welsh Mar 2018
BPS Full Report Mar 2018
BPS event slides
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