Bus passengers’ priorities for improvement

09 September 2020

Buses running more often is the thing bus passengers most want to see improved.

The independent watchdog Transport Focus asked more than 5000 passengers to rank things that would most improve their journey experience. Buses running more often came top followed by buses going to more places and more buses on time at the stop.

Since the research was undertaken bus services have, like the rest of our lives, been dramatically changed by the Covid-19 pandemic. In the short-term Covid-19 is bound to have an impact on passengers’ priorities – not least when it comes to personal safety, space on buses and cleanliness – but the baseline results will still be relevant. Frequency, punctuality and value for money will still be important in a post-lockdown world.

The report additionally looks at both youth (14-19 year olds) and non-user priorities.

We have also produced a simulator that you can use to run priorities for different groups of passengers. For example, by region, journey length, age or gender.

You can download the report, simulator and slides produced by the research agency below.

Bus passengers' priorities
Bus passengers' priorities agency slide deck
Bus passengers' priorities simulator
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