Demand responsive transport: users’ views of pre-booked community buses and shared taxis

01 June 2016

With less public money to go around, many local authorities have started to ask if there may be a better way of spending some of their budgets. One solution being explored is providing some services ‘on demand’ rather than paying for scheduled services which run irrespective of how many passengers they carry.

To understand more about the impact of demand responsive transport (DRT) and its contribution to meeting the needs of passengers, we partnered with three local authorities. We chose Suffolk, Worcestershire and Hampshire to look at three different models of DRT .

Valuable lessons can be learnt about ‘on demand’ services and we urge all decision makers to use this research as a starting point when considering the future of local public transport services.

Click the link below for the key findings report.

Further detailed agency reports and the relevant sections of the Transport Act 1985 can be downloaded here.

Demand responsive transport : users’ views of pre-booked community buses and shared taxis
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