East coast mainline timetable consultation

05 August 2021

The east coast mainline is one of the UK’s vital rail routes. Carrying more than 20 million passengers a year, it connects east and west Yorkshire, the north of England and Scotland with London and the south east.

The ‘east coast upgrade’ £1.2 billion investment programme included upgrading and expanding the rail infrastructure on the approaches to London King’s Cross station, as well as major projects at other key parts of the route.

The three rail operators that run services on the east coast mainline (LNER, TransPennine Express and CrossCountry) have consulted on their planned timetables from May 2022.

Although we realise this is a ‘timetable consultation’ our response notes that the timetable will not be delivered in isolation. We make reference to important factors for users, infrequent users and non-users that will need to be delivered alongside a resilient timetable to deliver an enhanced experience and achieve passenger growth.

We comment on the consultation process and our response asks that consideration should be given in future major timetable rewrites for a single and comprehensive consultation process that provides a full picture of the overall proposal on offer.

You can download our full response below.

ECML - timetable consultation 2021
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