Plugging the gap: drivers’ experiences with electric cars

03 September 2021

As part of its work representing the interests of users of England’s motorways and major ‘A’ roads, Transport Focus carried out research to understand what those already driving electric vehicles like about them and what they want to see improved.

Drivers told us they love their electric vehicles because of the low running cost and the quieter, more enjoyable driving experience. However, they said that using an electric vehicle requires more effort, mainly related to charging. Users want charging electric vehicles to be just as easy as filling up a petrol or diesel car.

They identified improvements that would minimise the extra effort currently required:

  • better maintained charging points and more of them to meet demand
  • simplify and improve information on planning trips and charging
  • tackle the various complications around charging such as different providers.

A summary of the findings and a more detailed research report can be downloaded below. You can also take a look at what some of our respondents had to say here.

Plugging the gap: drivers' experiences with electric cars
Electric vehicles user experiences - full agency report
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