Student travel survey

04 December 2020

Transport Focus asked more than 1000 students about their plans for travelling home for Christmas.

The research took place over the weekend of 27 – 30 November. We found that

  • four in 10 are still living away from home and intend to travel home before Christmas; six in 10 are being collected or driving themselves, and one in five intend to travel by train
  • overall Saturday 5 December looks likely to be the most popular day for travel home
  • rail journeys appear more evenly spread through the week than road journeys, while half of those planning to use rail have already booked tickets
  • around eight in 10 students planning to travel home by train say they expect to feel safe when they travel, though one in four still say they are concerned about using public transport at the moment.
Student travel window survey FINAL
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