Williams Review – what do passengers think about the structure of the railway?

12 March 2019

In this second submission to the Williams Rail Review Transport Focus provides the results of focus group research conducted in early 2019 that asked passengers about:

  • Their current experiences with rail
  • What they knew about the rail industry as a whole
  • What works well and what needs to be improved
  • What they knew about the overall structure of the rail industry and how changes are made
  • How, ideally, should the rail industry be structured
  • How should passengers be consulted and informed about rail
  • How should changes be delivered

The results of this research builds upon the themes set out in the first paper Transport Focus submitted: Williams Rail Review: what do passengers want? (February 2019).

A quick read of the headline findings is provided below in the summary document, along with the presentation slides from the Transport Focus Board meeting and the full Research Debrief.

Summary: The structure of the rail industry - what do passengers think?
Research debrief
Presentation to Transport Focus Board - summary slides
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